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Marius Niveri

22.11.2001 University of Hamburg

Hi there, I am Marius, an aspiring Fullstack Developer from Germany. Ever since I got my first Computer, I used it to solve all kinds of problems.

Syncing my IKEA lights to playing music using an Arduino, controlling my High School's PowerPoints with my own App and programming and training a neural network to differentiate between different Colas (Long live Fritz-Kola!) are all projects I came up with and loved building.

I am most proficient in anything web-related (JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, SQL) but I do also feel good with Python, C++ and a bit of C# and Java.

However, if you throw a completely new language at me, I'd enjoy learning it and applying my knowledge from those other languages to it. They all share lots of similarities after all.

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My Work

Down here I've listed a few projects I've been working on so far. Most of the stuff I do, I upload to GitHub. For other random stuff check out my Codepen.


The free and open-source remote solution for Google Slides. It features speaker's notes, a laserpointer, automated closed captioning and much more! It was created with Preact.js and the WebSocket technology. Screenshot of Slidecontrol


This is an Arduino project I work on from time to time. It consists of some software written in C# like Audioly and, of course the Lightify software itself.

I wired my Arduino with the IKEA Dioder lights so that I now can control them completely digitally via the serial connection. So I wrote scripts to let the lights blink when something happens in videogames like CS:GO or a script that makes the lights react to music.


MNGED is a Progressive Web Taskmanaging App. It works with the Firebase Firestore realtime database to keep everything synced. Screenshot of MNGED


I also host a TeamSpeak³ server on Linux CentOS 7. I have written a few extensions for the bots on the server, a website with live-updating information and modified a dashboard with many stats about the server.

Currently we have around 55 unique daily active users and about 300 unique users a month.

Date Picker

A small reusable preact component I build that is used and hopefully appreciated by a couple of people like me. Screenshot of the datepicker